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On the stage of Classic 130 sq.m

An excursion… The apartment was planned in classic style. From the very beginning, it was decided not to be bent on any specific style, quite the opposite – not to be afraid of an introduction of contemporary style elements into classic and taking details and elements from different times. The apartment was not big in terms of area, but thanks to our work on planning, two living rooms (a bedroom and a child’s bedroom), kitchen, dining room, living zone, two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, entrance hall and spacious hallways were rationally placed on the area of 128 square meters.

Basic construction principles of the apartment interior:

The floor in the public area (the entrance hall, adjacent dressing room, living room and the kitchen) is ceramic with aged marble edges. Furthermore, parquet strips are laid in the living rooms.

The living room has dark (bitter chocolate) walls and small fragments of brick masonry in the alcoves. The ceiling is plain and flat with contemporary minimalist lights and a light classic cornice. All the walls in the apartment are painted with an ordinary paint (Tikkurila) and that is for a reason – we have planned to saturate the interior with eye-catching details: lamps, candlesticks, statuettes and transparent vases.

In order to make all these things stand out in the interior, a background has to be restrained and solid.

The kitchen was separated from the living zone by a U-shaped partition in which a refrigerator was recessed.

In the initial planning stages, one of the walls in the living room entirely consisted of a floor-to-ceiling stained glass window. We decided to divide that line by setting up two columns; afterwards curtains completed them.

It was decided that the girl’s bedroom would be in gentle floral colors: light greens and violet-lilacs. The presence of the corner glazing that started from the floor inspired us with a good idea of creating a construction imitating French shutters.

The master bedroom as well as the living room was designed in dark shades and covered with the same dark ceiling. That resulted in a jewel box effect, which was successfully completed by velvet fabrics used for making curtains and upholstery. To enlarge the space it was decided to make a mirror wall behind the headboard.

We had to wrestle a little with the big bathroom. The customers wanted to make quite a spacious bathroom with a bath, two washbasins, shower cabin and a little room with a water-closet and bidet, which if necessary could be isolated from the main body of the bathroom. Mirrors and the professionalism of the architects saved the situation and the presence of the shower cabin allowed us to make a rounded corner in the living room on the way from the entrance hall to the private zone. The color scheme of the bathroom repeats the one of the living room and bedroom. Natural teak is laid on the floor. The big bathroom connects to the bedroom through the dressing room.

Concerning the second bathroom, it was decided to make it in classic style using exclusive marble mosaic. False beams and natural wood on the ceiling of this bathroom make it especially cozy and warm. We managed to take some space from a soil stack and made room for an alcove with a washing machine. Now this bathroom is used for both laundry and displaying favorite photos. All the rooms of the apartment are equipped with a duct air-conditioning system. The long collaborative work with engineers and builders allowed us to maintain the ceiling height as high as possible, hide a duct air-conditioning system and place ventilation grilles very well.

P.S. At the moment we are finishing the third interior design together with these customers.