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Shuvalovsky 140 sq.m

The architects’ plan was to give the second life to an ancient Italian villa or forsaken chateau; they decided to create an illusion of a refurbished house in the brand new apartment.  

There are only 140 square meters in this small apartment, but the customers wanted to plan a living room, kitchen dining room, two children’s rooms, bedroom, dressing room, study and utility rooms. Everything had to be in a light, quiet classic style. The architects suggested an interesting idea – do not create a space from nothing but create an illusion of refurbished mansion or castle where a part of ancient architecture was preserved. 

Besides contrasts, there are also some unifying elements in the interior: white walls, ceiling beams and floor inlayed with light, imitation marble tiles with glazed surface. It is a unifying element between the rooms, kitchen dining room and the living room.  

In spite of the small apartment area, the customers surely wanted to separate a kitchen and dining zones. That have resulted in an appearance of a corner with a sofa, which has been decorated with mirrors on the model of a French café. Actually, this place continues kitchen and turns into the living room: the same wooden beams on the ceiling as in the living area, and a sliding door with glass panels allows avoiding a closed space. Finally, we had the cozy master bedroom thanks to the abundance of velvet used as an upholstery fabric for the bespoke headboard and cushions.